Do you care? or do you not…


Yes it is a direct question; perhaps more clarification on what I’m asking for will help you out. Do you care if Wild Horses and Burros retain their protections as American icons of the West?. Think about this carefully as if you answer Yes to this question, you will have many sleepless nights, perhaps tears for them? That of course depends on how deeply you care about them. For me, I have loved horses from a very early age, have owned many, ridden many, yes even a Mustang was once mine too. Of all the horses I owned my gelded Mustang was the horse with the most personal look in his eyes, a certain way of carrying himself, clear in his intentions, beautifully wild bucking when in the pen for exercise and careful when under saddle. But enough on my Mustang, I could say so very much more about him. So looking into the past weeks on what is happening to our American icons,  amidst all of the other issues happening in our World and around the World; our icons of Freedom are being ganged up on by cattle associations, the HSUS (Human Society of the United States), the BLM (Bureau of Lame, oops sorry…Bureau of land management), and to the surprise of some RTF (Return to Freedom) whom is an advocacy group now against their protections; strange bedfellows for sure. They are all in agreement of more removals, more use of chemical sterilizations (PZP), of which is a huge subject that cannot be covered in this post. Here is a link to the proposed plan endorsed by– WASHINGTON–The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservation, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Humane Society Legislative Fund, in concert with rangeland management stakeholders, today announced their support for a proposal on the care of wild horses and burros on U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public rangelands. (HSUS Emily Ehrhorn).

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The proposal is an accelerated end to this species, their freedom gone, their families separated and pushed into totally unnatural environments. Shame on all of these organizations. We must push back! call your representatives. Go to our Advocacy page for phone numbers and or the links for more information. God Bless America, and God Bless Americas Horses and Burros, protect and preserve ALL OF THEM.







History Lessons Relearned

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So really what we intend to reveal is another fact that most people are not aware of. Often I reflect on the fact that the Bureau of Land Management has a conflict of interest. The conflict of interest is because of this…..”the Bureau of Land Management was originally first called the Division of Grazing,  later was renamed the U.S. Grazing Service in 1939. The responsibilities were to enforce the act, which leased public lands to farmers and ranchers for grazing. … The BLM was given the responsibilities of the former U.S. Grazing Service and General Land Office.the Secretary of the Interior combined the Grazing Service and the General Land Office to form the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in 1946. The BLM was given the responsibilities of the former U.S. Grazing Service and General Land Office.”( In light of their coddling of ranching and the livestock industry it is pretty easy to see the conflict of interest here. Their ability to manage Wild Horses is mandated by this history with ranchers for ranchers and by ranchers. The Wild Horses and Burros have never been viewed by this entity as equal or getting a fair share of grazing land. As a matter of fact the greater majority of grazeable public land has been alloted for cattle and sheep over the years with removing the Horses and Burros;  the Mustangs and Burros have been corralled into a 10% allotment for their HMA’s and penned up in holding facilities to make room for Livestock! This is not what the 1971 Wild Horse and Burros Act set out to do for these native Wild Species of America; so there we have more lies, misappropriation, and downright biased management principles by the Bureau. We the People of the United States want these Native animals returned to their original land that they were on before the BLM decided to remove thousands of them. These removals have disrupted the horse herds and have created a situation that the horses compensate for, their natural order is disrupted by compensatory breeding. Now, it seems to me that instead of using PZP (Porcine Zona Pellucida)to render them sterile by too much use, or sterilization, or killing them; there should be an effort to stabilize the herds to what they once were. No more removals. Pretty straightforward, natural fertility control, yes……Mother Nature does know best! and does work! leave the Wild Horses and Burros alone; they know how to regulate their numbers; Nature dictates the course…I’ll be writing more in the coming days concerning “Compensatory Breeding” this is what the BLM has created, this is what they have designed with their lack of interest, lack of integrity, and lack of knowledge besides the principle of what is supported as fair and equal treatment of all wildlife and their needs. Onward BLM, but you are not going to kill OUR WILD MUSTANGS any longer. New Wild Horse and Burro Caretakers….PLEASE.

Wild Horse Sterilizations

So here we are once again……..Sterilizing Wild Horses has been on the agenda of this government since 2016. The Bureau of Land Management wanted to do this then and were right back to the same old abusive suggestions. How do we get the Bureau to stop abusing America’s Wild Horses and Burros? More lawsuits? I think not. The real actions need to take place in Congress who mandates the laws of Wild Horse protections. It is Congress that is allowing their protections to be changed, disregarded, and ultimately allowing these forms of abuse to be considered. In this era where many wild animal protections are being tossed out for profits; America’s Wild Horses and Burros stand to be euthanized, sterilized, slaughtered,  and annihilated. The 2019 appropriations bill will be voted upon this September sometime when Congress is back in session, we have until then to convince the members in Congress to do what is right.  Now; it is in our opinion and all advocates that the 1971 act that protected these icons of American Freedom; be reinstated to the fullest. It certainly must rule out slaughter, euthanizations, and sterilization. The Bureau must begin to treat these animals as a priority and not the pests that they have come to call them. Wild Horses are native to American soil; their species should be protected and not abused. We also need good management, the stockpiling of these animals has created compensatory breeding, so in actuality if there appears to be a population issue, which is debatable in itself; this situation would correct itself by releasing these animals back onto their mandated public land. The Bureau has taken away their land for the ranching communities, the horrific roundups enacted continuously not to reduce their populations but to move in more livestock and give those resources for grazing of cattle and sheep. These animals have never been treated fairly and with respect by the Bureau of Land Management; they have created a problem while lieing about their numbers, lieing about their sales to kill buyers, so many injustices have been dealt out over the years. All we can do right now is call our Representatives in Congress, if this doesn’t work? protesters will  be knocking on their door…..because these are America’s horses, you own them America, you must protect them or…………they will be gone from our countries public lands and you will see only cattle feed lots. Please call your Representatives in Congress today, be their voice and be heard.

Rose Colored Glasses


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Do we only see what we want to see; hear what we want to hear? or keep believing that Wild Horses will be with us forever? The Bureau of Land Management is a government agency and this in itself makes protection of these laws that are important to the species protection almost impossible to protect from manipulation. This is exactly what has happened in the past and what is happening now. The 1971 act that finally after years of Wild Horse abuse protected these animals from slaughter and kept them safe is now dismantled; what took years of fighting for has been torn apart to suit human greed and human lack of integrity.  This government agency that has earned the public’s mistrust, where no transparency is to be seen; no public comments are taken seriously;  and now threats upon threats of accelerating extinction from using sterilization as a form of population control? The Bureau does not work with the public, bottom line. We all do what we can and call our representatives to try to change the injustices done by lawmakers in Congress, Appropriations Committees, and whoever else is working on the disruption of real animal welfare. American Mustangs are in more danger today than ever before in their history, only this time the outcome that is wanted by the Bureau of Land Management is not population control, simply what they want is to destroy the species……..forever. The slow road to their destruction using chemical controls such as PZP isn’t fast enough so they want to go to the next step of sterilization and slaughter. So take off those rose-colored glasses; time is running out for the Wild Mustangs the intentions are to kill them off; it’s time to fire the Bureau as caretakers of America’s Mustangs. Our Horses deserve an organization that cares, looks out for their best interest, and works with protection not extinction. We are quickly moving past the point of no return. See this for what it is, extinction………not population control.

How Wild Horses Lose and Cattle Win

Just how do the Wild Horses of America lose? well if you are paying attention to what the appropriations committee’s have just voted for you will know the answer. In case you haven’t heard the new management approved for in the management of Wild Horses of America is to spay the mares. Now first of all these are Wild animals we are talking about and not your next door neighbor’s cat or dog. The procedure is dangerous; 

  • High frequency of peri-operative complications – some of which can be life-threatening. Ovariectomy is a procedure that generally is performed to remove an abnormal ovary.

So keeping this in mind of the dangers and why it would even be considered in horses, why would the Bureau of Land Management want to see this happen? well that is simple….they do not want to care for America’s Wild Horses and Burros any longer and two; fewer horses equals more cattle to be put on public lands. This is no reason to be putting these Wild horses through the stress and pain of surgery of ripping out their ovaries! America wants their Wild Horses and Burros on their public lands, most people are actually against leasing out public lands to ranchers and livestock; the land is destroyed after cattle have made a home on public land. Its proven and it is unwanted. In the past I have written about the long-standing history of the Bureau and its affiliations with the ag community; it is the same today with even more politics involved than ever before. The current political environment in Washington today lends a hand to the livestock communities, while throwing out protections of every kind that were put in place to protect the environment and the Wild animals that inhabit public lands. Every year the Bureau claims an overpopulation of horses, it’s simply not the truth. They have been planning to get rid of the horses all together for many years, working up to their grand crescendo with the lies of overpopulation, the crying of no money for the program; science experiments using drugs, and God only knows what else they have been putting these animals through! Then removal of the horses through horrific helicopter roundups, experiments; and the list goes on and on. What we now must figure out is how to stop this; it’s not right and they know it. They have no shame so you can’t even shame them; they could care less. No Wild Horses America? are you willing to allow this to happen to your Wild Horses and Burros? they are your animals not the governments! We pay for their care, we own them and need to have a say in how they should be managed. Please call your representatives, you can find their phone numbers on our last page under advocacy contacts; please make your calls today? this cannot wait. Protests are a possibility and we will forward that information when we have more details. Until then, please call your representatives for the Horses. Make no mistake, this procedure is dangerous for domestic horses and rarely used, how much care will Wild Horses and Burros receive? The road to extinction is being paved today; America’s Wild Horses and Burros deserve a better decision on management than this, leave our Wild Horses and Burros alone!


More than just “Corruption”

When we say that someone is corrupt or an agency is plagued by corruption, the words are indicated for general inadequacies that perhaps are more or less widespread rather than a definepexels-photo-60112.jpegd flaw in ones individual character. Also, they are corrupt from external evils. Example: ” The agency is corrupt” that could mean anything from the way they do business with many others, or how they operate their organizations based on really bad judgement and lack of sincerity. What I would like to discuss with you today is what “Moral Integrity” is; what it means, and how it applies to the many offices of our country that make so many of the rules, laws, and justifications that the country is asked to abide by, and supposedly stand by and support these decisions. Because America is based on democracy , the people may vote on laws by the people and for the people. Okay this already is sounding like a thing of the past right?!  In Abraham Lincoln’s Day yes, today? Not so much…..

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, or moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, or moral uprightness. It is generally a personal choice to hold oneself to consistent moral and ethical standards. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one’s actions.” (Definitions, Wikipedia).

Certainly I find these two words to be mankind’s key to a solid and stable relationship with not only one another but our fellow inhabitants of our beautiful Earth; the animals. As we only have one Earth you would think that all that is done for mankind is done with “Moral Integrity”with what is best for all, it isn’t. When considering the acts of government officials , moral integrity is the farthest thing from anything  they do…..of course that isn’t the case with the Bureau of Land Management, now here is a government entity that strives in all instances and actions to be morally and ethically correct while practicing their morally correct faces in front of their morally correct mirrors to appear honest, trustworthy, considerate, knowledgable, and open to diversity, excellence, and integrity. Let there be the Liars, for the BLM works only for healthy horses on healthy ranges. Laugh out Loud; that in itself is the purest form of moral integrity if I ever saw it…. An “Oxymoron” = a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ).a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction (e.g., faith unfaithful kept him falsely true ). If only their internal compass included moral integrity; not only is the organization caught in countless lies and cover-up’s,  but they have absolutely NO MORAL INTEGRITY! and how different it can and should be; this is something that the people and congress needs to ask itself today………are we as a country willing to continue to have in the publics employ an organization such as the BLM that is not based on what our country has always tried to include in its laws and actions of moral integrity? the lack of the ability to really protect our animals and public lands, to admittedly prefer to the killing of America’s Wild Horses, instead of correcting the problem they themselves have purposely caused? thousands of Horses and Burros in cattle pens while the livestock hoard the horses rightful public lands to graze on? Hear ye, Hear ye, now serving up an abundance of “Moral Integrity” please pass the dish to the Bureau of Land management and its supporters, please.

Native American Horses, Not Feral, Not Livestock…..

Now wouldn’t it be so much better if at least the Bureau of Land Management was more of an office that you could make sense of? I mean honestly, they say they care about the Wild Horses and Burros but do nothing short of issuing death notices for them. When they cater to the livestock industry and call Wild Horses livestock, I don’t know how you all feel but for me… is an insult to these animals that have been here longer than any of us! millions of years. If I hear “Feral” one more time! it is their favorite name to call them when issuing those death notices as if its makes it all okay! it doesn’t…..all it does is confuse the public and of course that is what they want to accomplish. You especially will hear and read about those definitions of Wild Horses in their notices and editorials that just want to remind us all that they are not native wildlife, they are like the cattle/livestock… be treated like livestock, shot or shocked in the head like livestock, and slaughtered like livestock. Wild Horses are Native Wildlife in America, it has been proven over and over again, and still you will not hear the Bureau of Land Management give them the title they scientifically own. Now one way of looking at this is that they really do not want to associate them with the word “Native” because they would have to protect them! like the sage grouse or other hunting trophies out West. That is the real reason, none other. That has been proven also, it also is the reason why we can’t get them on any endangered species list. Then again, this government in place in this period of time does not want the endangered species list at all and all species are in danger of no longer being protected, at least if they have it their way.  Equus Callibus, a part of America, this earth; for millions of years…..still must fight for their freedom, their place in our hearts; they are worth protecting for us Americans, for pexels-photo-459124.jpegour future generations….just not worth it to those who manage them. Prove me wrong. I dare anyone that can show me how they have managed the West to protect this species; it just isn’t there. The history will only show how land has been taken away, unheard of experiments being done on them, and a slow road to extinction but even with this they are accelerating the slow death theory, now they just want to outright kill them all. How disgusting this all really is……sorry calling them names won’t help….I’ve already tried it! It does seem to help a little though?, a few choice names I can share with you, if you should need them; but…..I get the feeling you all have a few of your own. Till next time……